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'''The Pnuma Trio''' was an electronic musical group, bringing classical, jazz, funk, hip hop, and drum and bass influences. A recent article in Art Voice magazine dubbed the Pnuma Trio the "Music of the future." The Pnuma Trio consists of Alex Botwin on bass guitar, Ben Hazlegrove on keyboards, and Lane Shaw on drums. Hazlegrove received classical training at the Berklee College of Music. The Pnuma Trio was born in December 2004 and began practicing and performing in Memphis, Tennessee. During their career, Pnuma has toured the United States extensively, and Japan and Australia as well. They were the only American band at 2006's Exodus Festival in Australia. They have shared the stage with bands like Disco Biscuits, STS9, Lotus (rock band)|Lotus, Zilla, Michael Franti, The String Cheese Incident, and...
Alias| origin = Memphis, Tennessee|Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America
Acid jazz
Intelligent dance music|IDM
Blip hop
Occupation| years_active = 2004 - present
Label1320 Records
Associated actsMansions on the Moon, Paper Diamond
Current membersAlexander Botwin
Ben Hazlegrove
Lane Shaw
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